Friday, April 30, 2010

strut bar in the name of vanity

I've wanted a strut bar forever, dude. It looks cool. That's all. But nothing fits an s12, nothing within reach at least. I think an R31 bar fits. Anyway, I love the Cusco bars, except that if I were to order one, I wouldn't be able to realign the mounts since their mounting plates are made of aluminum(I can't weld that stuff). So I just got a cusco style bar with steel brackets off ebay for $60 shipped, not too shabby right?

The bar is supposed to fit BOTH s13 and s14, so there's a few slight problems. I already have to cut the mounts off the plates and realign them to fit the s12 anyway, so it won't be too bad.

Here's the bar, I probably shouldn't have put it on my bed for fear of china lead, haha

Looking alright so far

first, the bolts don't even fit as it should, they're too small

and ALL the holes are ovaled out for the s13/s14 universal fitment, I'll probably weld them shut and redrill them or just fill them in slightly


  1. haha.

    admit it, your just cheap. Danny Youngz can HELLA weld aluminum.

  2. Haha, yeah, I'm cheap as fuck too. I guess I could have gotten a real used cusco for like a hundred bucks but then I'd have to depend on someone else.

  3. and pay $100 for the same shit.

    Fake parts are the shit.

  4. Hey dude I found your blog through a thread on the JNC forum and I was just wondering what paint you used for the inside of your car. That glossy grey is exactly what I had in mind for the interior of my S30 Z. Your car looks great, thanks for the help!

  5. Looks clean. Next time just fab one up.