Wednesday, September 30, 2009


hamsters, THUNDERBOLTS, TATTOO PHOTO, and the current status of the s30z I sold

THUNDERBOLTS! my new nerdy obsession

Remember my first Z? Sold it to a good friend, Yuta Akaishi

Manages to SHOW ME UP with my first Z, facepalm. Here's how it currently looks! Just in time for JCCS

some snaps I took of it a few weeks ago

On other news though, I'll be revamping my blog as soon as I get some free time.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Yup. Tires are mounted and, oh, sweet, deal on 240z front ss lines.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tires, check.

Ear plugs? Check. It's gonna be a long, loud, drive.

Ready for JCCS? Soon, my precious, soon.

earplugs from the school annex

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


They can afford a bunch of simpsons stamps but not make cool stickers for our parking pass. Great

Monday, September 21, 2009

press pass

my press pass from class LOL, I did not expect to be taking any photos that day

wheel chair

so we found this wheel chair a long time ago and started doing tricks on it. I've become a total master of no-hands wheelies(totally, bromontana) and Ryan told me to touch the handles of the wheelchair to the ground and come back up, as a joke.

bam. I'm going to hell.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Man, so much fun today! I probably spun out like 60% of the time, everytime. Haha. I met a lot of cool guys, the event holders (UFO) were really relaxed and fun, and the event was much more fun than I was expecting. Just glad to be out there(and that it was 40 mins away)

After much spinnage, I was told by Grant that my rear was under damped and the rear needs less stiffness, I'm sure my preload doesn't help either. The rear end bounces just a little and snaps right out. I also gotta COUNTERSTEER faster(and stop sucking). I ended up eating two cones too! Had to fish them out from underneath the car. GOTSTA WORK ON IT

Should probably stop using my lamo scooter helmet too, haha.

sweet helmet bro



probably spinout?

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Oh, fleet foxes, you make my worries go away, until you stop singing. Get into it, check it all out, get to 4:50, love it.

Fleet Foxes - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So I got pulled over by CHP on Labor Day

10:00 PM, Monday night, Labor day, I'm driving the Z with Gabe to SF and got pulled over at Oakland Road off 101. Fuck dude. Why? I don't even know.

"Get off the freeway."(bold = cop)
Super monotone voice, coming from the intercom from behind.

"Pull over right here, to the right"

FUUUUUUUUU- My insurance and registration, all these things were accounted for, the proof however, wasn't.

They came up from the passenger side.

"Do you have your driver's license? Your license plate light is too dim, so are your head lights."

"Yes sir." I told him, "I"m gonna reach into my bag over here to grab my wallet."


I freaked out, man. I was like "Oh, right here. In my bag."

"Oh, okay."

Second officer talks to gabe

"Why isn't your seat belt on?"

Gabe's surprised, he shows him that his lap belt on because he didn't know how to use the shoulder belt.

"Alright, let's figure this out."

Officer #2 pulls out the strap and connects it to the lap belt, smirking, bro.

"You guys do any meth?" as he smiles

"Haha, yeah! All the time officer!" We said it almost simultaneously, he was totally joking. Then he loses the smirk and tells me to get out of the car.

"How much meth do you do? Show me your arms."

"none officer! I thought you were joking because you were smirking!"

"Haha, man, I'm embarassed."

cop#2 "Hahaha, did you hear any meows?" (super troopers reference)

"Alright you two, get outta here."

Gabe and I were LULING the entire time, that wasn't it though, I got back into the car and since the headlights were on, the battery died. The alternator hasn't been nice to me either, though it was running just fine before I was pulled over. So the cops pull up next to us and ask if we want to be CHP officers, haha.

"Could you help me push the car? I'm gonna push start it"

"What? Sorry man, no manual labor."

They push it with gabe and I start it up. It dies the second I turn on the lights. Then they start speaking a ton of random spanish over the intercom, keep in mind they were two white guys around my age.


I had to ask them again, so they start pushing again, give up, and start pushing the Z with their crown vic and it starts up again.

"Don't forget your friend"

I pick gabe up, turn on the lights, and it dies again.

"no more freebies, it's gonna be ten bucks next time."

Bumper contact, and then vroooooooooom

"We are going fast"

Haha, man, these guys were fucking with us the entire time. They were pretty cool, but it was the death of my Z in the end. I drove it for like 20 miles with no lights on with my girlfriend driving behind me with her highbeams. If I turned on the lights while driving, it wouldn't fire correctly. So 20 miles afterward, the car just died. Had to tow it the rest of the way to SF.

I suck at story telling but I hope I conveyed the fucking sarcasm of those CHP officers, cool and funny, but fuck, my Z. Haha

Saturday, September 5, 2009

school is bitchin, the bad kind

Seriously, I'm not even a full time student. I have 9 credits and I've been looking everywhere for classes and still attempting to add newswriting. This is rediculous. NOT TO MENTION, because the tuition went up so much, my financial aid didn't cover it all. I have to pay an extra couple hundred more, the past 2 years I've gotten back around 500 dollar dollars for books and such but this year, I can't even get that.

Also worked on the Z to get it to SF(so I can work on it even more!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 speeches, baby.

So ever since my mass media class a couple semesters ago, I've taken some time, frankly, a couple minutes, of every other bore-filled evening to check out It contains videos of speeches with interesting and problematic topics, some of which, give insight into the solving of "x" problems.

Here's a couple that caught my eye this morning, I recommend the watch!

WIFI electricity, powering and recharging through the air

Breaking the illusion of RACE and skin color with evolution