Monday, September 21, 2009

wheel chair

so we found this wheel chair a long time ago and started doing tricks on it. I've become a total master of no-hands wheelies(totally, bromontana) and Ryan told me to touch the handles of the wheelchair to the ground and come back up, as a joke.

bam. I'm going to hell.


  1. dude thats dope, one time i found a wheelchair in the street and i was playing with it and its really-really fun! ur pretty good haha

  2. Wheelchairs is going to be the new in thing.. watch

  3. hahahaha i seriously LOLed.

    i need to catch up on those skills!

  4. See this is what I am talking about!
    I never do anything fun Hank.
    Who cares about stupid cars and drifting...

  5. i can't believe how much control you have over that thing now. time to go sideways in the wheelchair down a a flight of stairs