Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Finally back to school! Looking back though, I didn't accomplish anywhere near as much as I wanted to during winter break, all I've got is time though I guess. Time to get back on track with all this school stuffs.

Back to dailying the ruck around SF, last semester I filled up the tank(1gallon) probably 3 times. I'll probably count the times I fill it up this year. Starting today, it's gotten it's first gallon. Woo 100 MPG

click to enlarge as usual, maybe someday I'll widen my blog to 800pixels

obligatory bad posture on my ruck photo

deep cleaned my shithole of a room and getting ready for the new semester. Serious business fap station here. obligatory illest sticker

and I broke my JCCS cup on the drive back from the event, so I felt it fitting to RTV it back together.

No, I don't drink from it. Haha

and motormavens posted up a followup photo of my s12! <-this sentence is clickable


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So way back when, during ASB V(2008?) at willow springs, I got to meet Antonio(motormavens) through Ross(deadpirate productions) and shot a few photos of him driving a 370z. Over a year later at JCCS in Oct. 2009, I spotted him and his friend Chihiro near my car and we chatted it up for awhile, I showed him the car thing and the photo shoot for my car and Yuta's ensued the very next day. The end.

Thanks Ant! Super stoked on this!

You can view the article and the rest of the photos here at MotorMavens!

I've been noticing some love around other blogs too lately, thanks for the plugs guys!


RA64freddy again



Check these guys out! I might have also missed some, lemme know if I have!

Monday, January 18, 2010

SUP 80'S

Yuta, Gabe, and Trinh came over earlier and we had an 80's meet. Except Gabe's rabbit doesn't run yet so it was there in spirit.

click to enlarge as usual

Trinh and Celica

Yuta and Corolla

Yuta and Gabe and S12. sup mk3's

Looks familiar doesn't it? Gold front and chrome rears, haha

Saturday, January 16, 2010


We've been searching for a car for my girlfriend for quite some time now. She's been car less for more than a month now I think. Looking for manual crx's, b13's, you know, stuff like that. And SHE finds this ra64 on craigslist that's super mint. Drove an hour out to go see it and bought it from the super cool and enthused 73 year old man.

completely stock
115k original miles
mint doodoo brown interior, uncracked dash and no visible uv damage
even the cluster's voltage gauge and oil pressure gauge work flawlessly

COOL, MAN. Future KA24 car, haha.

Yes Ryan, your USMC flight suit is going to use.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Popped the mk1 corner lights and grille back in. I thought the mk2 corners with no grille looked cool but when the lights were down, it looked like afterbirth. Still looking for some s13/s14 front lca's to camber it more, and crazy dreaming about a multilink rear swap with some friends. 2010 should be interesting

Sterling rolled on by too to show his brother from Chicago around all the cool tourist spots in norcal.

click to enlarge

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I took the Vietnamese bus back up, always an interesting experience, haha.


sunset at newport coast, click to enlarge

also, my 13 year old cousin's pajama shirt

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Visited fam and friends in socal this past week, it's SUPER sunny down here!

surprisingly delicious, pasta primavera is the best

UCSB has some wild BIKE roads too, there seems to be more of these than sidewalks and these roads are all over campus making it easy to travel from class to class. There's thousands of bikes here, parked all over the place.

wild collection of alcohol

check that $7999.99 box


skinny face heath ledger

mcdonalds cherry pie

And my BROKEN 50mm 1.4. I fell off gabe's bike.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yeah, sorta late. I'm hanging out in socal this week and finally found the time to get some old photos out.