Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Finally back to school! Looking back though, I didn't accomplish anywhere near as much as I wanted to during winter break, all I've got is time though I guess. Time to get back on track with all this school stuffs.

Back to dailying the ruck around SF, last semester I filled up the tank(1gallon) probably 3 times. I'll probably count the times I fill it up this year. Starting today, it's gotten it's first gallon. Woo 100 MPG

click to enlarge as usual, maybe someday I'll widen my blog to 800pixels

obligatory bad posture on my ruck photo

deep cleaned my shithole of a room and getting ready for the new semester. Serious business fap station here. obligatory illest sticker

and I broke my JCCS cup on the drive back from the event, so I felt it fitting to RTV it back together.

No, I don't drink from it. Haha

and motormavens posted up a followup photo of my s12! <-this sentence is clickable



  1. Dear Henry, I <3 your ruck.
    Yours Sincerely

  2. i bought you this entire outfit. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha :D

  3. my fap station is superior equipped with lotion and tissue for whiping. look on facebook.

  4. I dig the Ruckus. Very clean tail relocation.