Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The s2000 is gone, but Ryan is back! (and so is school)

RYAN FISCHER IS BACK FROM IRAQ! This cool kid is finally on US soil once again, and has purchased my 2002 s2000. Give and take, man. Enjoy it! I picked him up around 2pm today from San Bruno, too bad you came back that early before I was able to wash it up. It's dirty, haha. Super dirty. Welcome back home!

Here's a shot of it from a few years ago, shot with my trusty canon sd550 point and shoot!

School just started, it's two days in, man. It's a bit of a hassle, having to drag my lump of a corpse out from the warm bed(not to mention it's always 50 degrees and foggy outside) to get to class at 9am every day.

The CA budget crisis is also a chip on everyone's shoulder, forcing everybody to cram into class rooms with a slight hint of killing intent(with the hopes of being able to add). I was told SFSU cut about 25% of it's classes in total, leaving a bunch out in the cold. Pretty rediculous, you'd figure paid education for the masses was a primary concern of our state(and it's future).

Even I've got some classes left to finalize, here's hoping.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Inglourious Basterds!

You know what to do.

89% on Rotten Tomatoes



Saturday, August 15, 2009


funner interior
-ZIEMUZ all over door panels
-obligatory heartbreaker/funtimekids stickers

new free billet oil cap, THANKS YAMATO GARAGE for hooking it up. I'd be interested in their other parts except I don't own an SR nor multi-link suspension, haha.

trans seal boot in, no more leakage! yeah!

look, gabe is wearing skinnies

trinh is making a flower necklace while flipping me off

Thursday, August 13, 2009


GREAT MOVIE. Makes me feel like my life is a little too comfortable. Watch it!

Even scored a 98% on rotten tomatoes

Also got my shifter seal boot today, thanks for hooking it up justin! I drove the car pretty hard awhile ago with hung only to find a small pool of trans fluid on my floor because mine had a rip. problem solved!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

cars and zombies

Summer is ending in like two weeks! and things are going super slow and painful, even class registration was a bomb shell for me. Let's hope I get those classes I need

Not a ton of progress on the s12, but it's getting closer to where I want it. I welded the rear perches on and the welder is being better to me the more I use it. Adjusted the rear coils too and everything seems spicey and set, the car feels much more solid now.

Welds are getting cleaner!

Other time killer

Matt and Yuta came by to play also, he took a vid and some pics. I'll throw those up later

Sunday, August 9, 2009


2-3 years ago when I completely redid the bushings on this car, I had to use z31 300zx bushings since the suspension designs were the same. Except for one piece though, the front lower control arms. I used them anyway, they couldn't fit into the outer sleeve so I tossed it. So this many years later, I finally got the correct fitting bushings, s13 ones which utilize both inner and outer sleeves.<3sterling>

here's the old bushings I tossed and never used, needed to get the outer sleeves from them so I burned the old stuff inside

Pulling out the LCA was a bitch, big time, especially with the steering rack in there blocking the nut

close up shot for A1 tie rod NONBELIEVERS, this rod has gone through a lot of shit, no bends

out goes the poopy z31 bushing

seemed the z31 bushing made my lca bend inward a little bit because of the lack of outer sleeves, probably didn't help that I slammed the thing with a sledge hammer to get the metal sleeve in, haha. so I drilled a hole and used a bolt and 2xnuts to bend it back out

put my welder to some use

all boxed up, welds look poopy but I was thorough and made sure it penetrated.

and new, correct bushing in

man this took forever

Yeah boyyyy. UFO prep going strong

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well, I think the drift spares are pretty covered. I have 6 or so but they're super used, and 4 of them are the 14in set from the 240z. The tire heights are close enough, I spose.

Now I've just gotta

-fix cluster
-get helmet
-burn out and replace LCA bushing
-replace oil seal shift boot
-adjust rear shocks
-adjust ebrake
-weld perches


Monday, August 3, 2009


Went to my friend Gabe's' crew's BBQ on Saturday and it turned out really cool. It's nice to be around people whom I can talk car nonsense with from time to time. The weather was amazing that day and the food even better. I even got free parking because randomly, someone I met during one of the Daly City parties was the booth cashier.

JUNGLE CAT! We don't know her, we just noticed she was in full leopard and was very angry with whomever was on the other end of her phone. And frankly, we were too scared to make contact. I think she saw me sneak around, man.

pics stolen from gabes blog, probably stolen from somewhere else

there's me eating in the background

here I think I'm looking at the grill, hungrily