Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The s2000 is gone, but Ryan is back! (and so is school)

RYAN FISCHER IS BACK FROM IRAQ! This cool kid is finally on US soil once again, and has purchased my 2002 s2000. Give and take, man. Enjoy it! I picked him up around 2pm today from San Bruno, too bad you came back that early before I was able to wash it up. It's dirty, haha. Super dirty. Welcome back home!

Here's a shot of it from a few years ago, shot with my trusty canon sd550 point and shoot!

School just started, it's two days in, man. It's a bit of a hassle, having to drag my lump of a corpse out from the warm bed(not to mention it's always 50 degrees and foggy outside) to get to class at 9am every day.

The CA budget crisis is also a chip on everyone's shoulder, forcing everybody to cram into class rooms with a slight hint of killing intent(with the hopes of being able to add). I was told SFSU cut about 25% of it's classes in total, leaving a bunch out in the cold. Pretty rediculous, you'd figure paid education for the masses was a primary concern of our state(and it's future).

Even I've got some classes left to finalize, here's hoping.

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