Sunday, August 9, 2009


2-3 years ago when I completely redid the bushings on this car, I had to use z31 300zx bushings since the suspension designs were the same. Except for one piece though, the front lower control arms. I used them anyway, they couldn't fit into the outer sleeve so I tossed it. So this many years later, I finally got the correct fitting bushings, s13 ones which utilize both inner and outer sleeves.<3sterling>

here's the old bushings I tossed and never used, needed to get the outer sleeves from them so I burned the old stuff inside

Pulling out the LCA was a bitch, big time, especially with the steering rack in there blocking the nut

close up shot for A1 tie rod NONBELIEVERS, this rod has gone through a lot of shit, no bends

out goes the poopy z31 bushing

seemed the z31 bushing made my lca bend inward a little bit because of the lack of outer sleeves, probably didn't help that I slammed the thing with a sledge hammer to get the metal sleeve in, haha. so I drilled a hole and used a bolt and 2xnuts to bend it back out

put my welder to some use

all boxed up, welds look poopy but I was thorough and made sure it penetrated.

and new, correct bushing in

man this took forever

Yeah boyyyy. UFO prep going strong

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