Friday, June 26, 2009


Man, I woke up earlier today to this bad news.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm Alive - Mega update

It's been awhile, I apologize for cutting out in the middle of my fast. I dunno if it's my laziness or business to blame(laziness). So here's a quick run down (I'm sorta posting in a hurry)

I suppose the first order of things is to mention that I lasted a whole, whopping, 3 days of my water fast. It was a bit unbearable, and when I actually had things to do, mustering up the energy was a little(very) hard.

I fell victim to an orange that was already peeled and sliced (mom?) in a bowl and cherries from my back yard. Man. That was probably the most delicious fruit I've ever had. I mean, even after the first day with no food(or anything flavorful for the matter), toothpaste tasted amazing.

And not long after I failed miserably, I really just felt back into the regular diet though I suppose, more watchful. I did however feel AMAZING, and I still do. My sense of smell and taste seem to be much more sensitive, I feel great physically, I rid myself of a few bad habbits(smoking), now have an appetite in the morning(never, ever did before) and I poop everyday(didn't before, which was unhealthy, I read). On the last day, I lost around 8 pounds, though it's just water weight.

Dare I say I enjoyed it? It's hard to describe how I felt during the fast, but I think it was a bit of a spiritual adventure. I do plan on trying it again, very soon. This time the whole 5 days, I've even gotten a few friends in on it also which makes it a group effort.

Though in other news, I suppose I've just been doing a little work on the Z. And when the sun is completely gone, I've spent a little time playing COD: world at war's Nazi Zombies. Super intense with the new maps!

As for the Z, I've removed the override bars front and rear, and started removing the interior to get a glimpse of the work to come. I've also got my welder coming in soon, so the metal work is about to begin. YAY

OH, I also took a trip to pierce manifolds, a weber distributor that happens to be a mile away from me and it turns out that the previous owner CUT the bells off of the velocity stacks in order to fit the filters on the weber carbs. HOW REDICULOUS IS THAT? The weber rebuild is going to cost me an arm now that I know I have to purchase 6 new stacks. Anyway, check out the sweet ALMONDS I found all over inside my Z, among other things. The rest of these photos are from my point&shoot.

It's actually quite annoying that my car has been repainted. Especially since they were SEMI thorough, and the door jambs and stuff were painted. However they did a hack-shit job of it and over sprayed everywhere and painted over a ton of cool shit. Also cleaned the garage to fit both the projects in there, and flipped my rear tires at wal mart for SEVEN DOLLARS. Had to temporarily put on the maxes in the rear for that day.

and finally, a random snap of the vans I frankensteined 2 years ago.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Man. I slept last night around 1:30am or so and I woke up at 4am, not being able to fall asleep again. I felt miserable, weak, head ache, and REAL HUNGER! It's like an itching, almost pulling sensation on the back of my throat. Around 10am I was able to fall asleep again, this time for a good six or so hours and upon waking up, I felt really good. The hunger feeling has subsided for the most part and my body felt more energetic. I didn't do much today, just hung around the house watching tv and stuff.

As I read, it's a bit harder for me to fast like this because of my body build and my super fast metabolism. I seem to be keeping up though. Although the hunger has mostly subsided, it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about food, haha.

I love food so much, this is a pretty crazy thing to be going through. The only tasteful thing these past two days has been tooth paste, and MAN, does tooth paste taste wonderful when you haven't had anything except water for two days. I've even made a list of must eats after this ordeal even though I won't be able to eat so much after I begin again since I'll need to slowly reintroduce solid foods.

So I've been dreaming about..

high five pizza
tri tip sandwich
lee sandwich
fish tacos
barqs root beer
pink elephant burrito
la victoria burrito, of course!

I don't know, probably a ton of other stuff that went through my mind earlier today too. Anyone have more delicious ideas? Hah

Seems I've lost a few pounds of water weight too