Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Man. I slept last night around 1:30am or so and I woke up at 4am, not being able to fall asleep again. I felt miserable, weak, head ache, and REAL HUNGER! It's like an itching, almost pulling sensation on the back of my throat. Around 10am I was able to fall asleep again, this time for a good six or so hours and upon waking up, I felt really good. The hunger feeling has subsided for the most part and my body felt more energetic. I didn't do much today, just hung around the house watching tv and stuff.

As I read, it's a bit harder for me to fast like this because of my body build and my super fast metabolism. I seem to be keeping up though. Although the hunger has mostly subsided, it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about food, haha.

I love food so much, this is a pretty crazy thing to be going through. The only tasteful thing these past two days has been tooth paste, and MAN, does tooth paste taste wonderful when you haven't had anything except water for two days. I've even made a list of must eats after this ordeal even though I won't be able to eat so much after I begin again since I'll need to slowly reintroduce solid foods.

So I've been dreaming about..

high five pizza
tri tip sandwich
lee sandwich
fish tacos
barqs root beer
pink elephant burrito
la victoria burrito, of course!

I don't know, probably a ton of other stuff that went through my mind earlier today too. Anyone have more delicious ideas? Hah

Seems I've lost a few pounds of water weight too


  1. Go henry, I bet you look even better now ;)

  2. Haha, I've lost a bit of water weight. If I lost any real muscle mass, I'd look like an ethiopian child.

  3. haha damn man ganbatte!

    and yes henry's a sexy bitch

  4. Did you make it? I just started a 3 day fast...