Sunday, June 7, 2009


Yeah, so I've been reading much about nutrition and calories and it's quite interesting. The diet that I generally sustain, the food that I eat, and my habbits, are all quite unhealthy. And really, I'd like to start making healthier choices. What better start, than to not eat at all? I'm going to be fasting for 5 days, starting on Monday, June 8th and ending the morning of Saturday, June 14th.

Pretty much planning on changing a few things in my life and I'm starting with my diet. It's a bit ass-backwards, not eating and all, but I've done the research and I think it'll benefit me physically(in the long run) and more importantly mentally. I won't be eating any food, I'll be only drinking water over the course of the 5 days. We'll see, I'll be updating.

Speaking of food, I ate an amazing cup noodle the other day. It had like 3x the noodles a regular cup noodle has and a lot of flash frozen veggies. MAN! It even has a seven that looks like the 7-eleven seven.

And this? Oh man. I was hungry that day. I made 3 cha lua sandwiches. If you happen to know what cha lua is, then your enlightened asses should know just how delicious this sandwich is. It's only bread, mayo, fresh cucumber, and cha lua. I had both regular cha lua, and cha wei in there. Cha lua is just vietnamese processed pork, by the way.

And the kittens are growing quite fast, but their cuteness is still pretty impressive. Pretty impressive. Nine of them are still running around my house. These two shown are pretty much twins, one of them has ONE white foot, with pink paws. We named him bandit.

The cars? Yeah. Well. They're doing okay. The s12 is still same, and the Z will finally be worked on starting this week (if I have the energy, fasting and all) but the updates will certainly come.

A lot of things are getting dented, haha. The oil pan still seems happy though


  1. Damn man thats some realness, good luck to you dude. Nice update boo.

  2. I named HER bandit for your information. <3
    I know I'm supposed to be supportive and all.. but like.. man 5 days of deprivation. (on my part) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ):