Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So way back when, during ASB V(2008?) at willow springs, I got to meet Antonio(motormavens) through Ross(deadpirate productions) and shot a few photos of him driving a 370z. Over a year later at JCCS in Oct. 2009, I spotted him and his friend Chihiro near my car and we chatted it up for awhile, I showed him the car thing and the photo shoot for my car and Yuta's ensued the very next day. The end.

Thanks Ant! Super stoked on this!

You can view the article and the rest of the photos here at MotorMavens!

I've been noticing some love around other blogs too lately, thanks for the plugs guys!


RA64freddy again



Check these guys out! I might have also missed some, lemme know if I have!


  1. The motomavens of your car, and the speedhunters of the 610. Two awesome Nissan's I'm likin both cars alot. Maybe to much. Is your car engaged yet? I'd marry her.

  2. Congrats on the feature Hendogg. Well deserved being you have put countless hours of work into this car, even with the lack of aftermarket support. Can I have the motor back now? LOL. I want Linhberg to shoot my car :(.

  3. Very nice Hank! Congrats. Best S12 ever
    Oh, I miss you too man!!!

  4. Your S12 will become famous in Japan too!