Saturday, April 17, 2010


I woke up early the other day to shoot Kevin skating at a park across from the beach, what an amazing day! This was a pretty rare occasion since it's usually overcast here. It was my first time taking the ruckus on a highway too(it's not very legal, 49cc, 45mph flat/downhill, 35mph uphill and there was lots of uphill). Well worth it though, the ocean view on south bound highway 1 was awesome! And spending the few hours at the skate park made me really want to get back into it.

And across the street, there's the beach WITH A TACO BELL. There's an oceanside patio and a window outside to order if you're too sandy, too awesome?


  1. wow what a surprise, the water looks clean

  2. pics look great man! thanks for comin out :D