Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The exhaust is done! Compared to the old, incredibly loud 3in, I just wanted a quiet, less flashy exhaust. So I spent like a week working on this stupid thing, shit always takes a long time when you've got all the wrong tools. Building an entire exhaust while laying on the ground and having the car barely high enough to be under isn't the bee's knees.

The whole exhaust is 4 pieces, the downpipe, center muffler, over subframe pipe, and the end muffler; tucked up as much as I could. It isn't nearly as quiet as I was hoping for, but way better than before while still sounding burbly from the unequal length header. Should be mounted and all cool this coming weekend

Looks like something I bought after the paint! The down pipe isn't pictured here, it was already mounted


  1. so dope dude. and those xr4's you linked me are dope but i think i need um a little wider. i still pm'ed the guy though. hahaha.

  2. very nice! shoulda left the scan bar on the tip!!!

  3. we can heatwrap the exhaust for significantly more quiets. but im not sure how thats gonna hold up if it ever drags the ground.