Sunday, April 18, 2010

SPL tension rods are finally in

Since the ghetto tension rod bracket I made out of the s12 bracket didn't work(rod couldn't reach), I had to get those s14 brackets. Pretty surprising, 3/4 holes directly line up and one hole just needed to be ovaled out.

on the ground, is a lot lower than the stock s12 bracket is, around the same as the oil pan.

thanks JUSTIN for hooking it up with these brand new tension rod bolts

exhaust is on, lots of mixed opinions about this compared to the old blast pipes, but I'm stoked on it!


  1. Damn scary location for that jackstand! Cars looking good, been lurking for a bit. We have the same color subframe :P

  2. That exhaust is probably super quiet, yeah?


    You have some ground wire disconnected there :) (c) Captain Obvious.


  4. yeah, its way quieter than before though not as quiet as I had hoped. there's a small leak that I still have to fix too.

    and THANKS! haha, I totally didn't see that ground until now. I probably forgot it awhile back

  5. Lookin good as usual. This thing is perfect in every flawed way. Hope my Z ends up like this car.

  6. i'm about to do the same thing with my straight pipes

    muffler = streeeet

  7. Exhaust looks awesome. Very stock looking.