Monday, April 12, 2010

new tires and exhaust progress

Tires are mounted and they are super nice! They're a bit square but I'll have to deal with that until I get bigger wheels up front

The 2.5in 2x muffler exhaust is going well too, it's practically all done. I just need to paint it and finish making the end pipe. It isn't anywhere as quiet as I had hoped, but it'll do. First time making an exhaust alone and it just took forever; I spent so much time on it. I tried to make it as close to the body as possible so there are some weird bends in there. I used 2 magnaflow xl3's, two 2.5in U bends, 5ft of 2.5in, and random metal for the brackets. Made everything from the downpipe back

All hard mounted along with the hockey puck motor mounts and solid trans/diff mounts.


I made a mount out of bed frame, little did I know that this was tempered steel and it destroyed 3 drill bits

forged in mordor

mock and fitting

over rear subframe

cool guy hangers

pipe that goes over subframe, straight section at the end for the slip-joint


  1. BADASS! i need to learn how to weld better. my welds look like poo, but then again all i've ever welded was a license plate mount for my bike.

  2. Damn, looks good henry.

    Hard mounted exhaust? Wouldnt that crack in like 3000 miles.

  3. what are you doods using for a welder? shit looks pretty good.

  4. Haha, thanks! I'm using a hobart 140 with flux core wire. I decided to hard mount it since my motor/trans/diff mount are also solid, so it shouldn't be toooo bad