Monday, May 3, 2010

It rubs the lotion on its skin

thanks for hooking it up again Justin! It was pretty funny to see the name on the box (forum username)

new bottom radiator mounts, weird seeing these so nice! haha

strut bar, the bar BARELY fits in between the inner bolts of the strut towers

brackets cut off and the oval holes are filled in

work station (floor, haha)

more oval hole filling comparo

I wore a pretty serious face mask when I sanded off the paint. chinese lead paint destroys families

all ovals filled in

new hardware that fits

tacked in, you can see the sockets on top of the bolts to protect the threads from splatter

compared to the pics of it new, you can see how much I've pushed the brackets in and bent them accordingly. the nuts on the innermost bolt is super barely able to come off, so it worked out

I think Matt9000 talked me into ZEBRA print brackets, maybe probably.

When he came over, he brought four loko and budweiser. And my drunken ass decided to do the hood mod since they were there and I ended up cutting one of the hood brackets a bit too far but it worked out! Hahha, probably shouldn't operate angle grinders when under the influence.

Joshua style

Ants and eggs (I was so hammered by this time)


  1. This blog is my bible.

  2. What was that about fabrication?

    anyway. I LOVE IT!! now lets see some of that matt powers zebra stripin'

  3. Oh dude! This post was amazing.
    I want to live my life like this now.
    Internet celebrity GLOBALLY famous.

    That pic of M9K is 2 WiCk3D