Sunday, May 9, 2010


The car progress is pretty slow, as always. Finals are coming up and this semester is almost over! Wish me luck BROS! So, summer time heat, car progress, fun, love, happiness, drunkenness, are all coming very soon.

This weekend, I finished the strut bar and welded in some lower radiator mounts to the s14 tension rod brackets. I made them out of 3/4 washers and some extra metal (since I got those sweet radiator bushings from Justin THANKS DUDE)

And I ended up painting the brackets pink WITH some copper sparkles, you can super see the difference in the sunlight and it's really, really cool.

Bronzey sparkles

Looks cool!

This one's for you RUIZ!

lower rad mounts

mad cat

And then Yuta and Matt9000 came over, brought four lokos, got me drunk, and commandeered the camera.


  1. haha nice, you guys make a good time out of everything you do :( I moving there when I come back lol

  2. That strut bar is PURE class.
    I'm moving there too.
    Me and Brian W.!! Party Mode

    <3 Hank and gang

  3. awwwwwwww yea!! pumpin fists hahah

  4. holy shit HEN_1265 is one crazy picture!

  5. fucking knew they'd be pink.

  6. heck yes ruizy poo.. we'll make it happen!