Sunday, February 28, 2010

GHETTO STYLE. s13 tension rod conversion!

I had a particular photo shoot thing today at 3pm which required my car to move around and it didn't help that the SPL tension rods still aren't here, not to mention the lack of an exhaust(still building). So I had to borrow Matt's for the time being, which also allowed me to have things ready for the SPL's.

This car is really a pain in my dick. It looks simple (well, it is) but it took me practically all morning to do and figure out. And when it came time to finally drill the brackets for the new bolt, I called up about 6 shops in the area since I didn't have a 14mm drill bit nor did I have a drill press. One shop picks up telling me to come over, only to tell me that I'd have to wait until Sunday after 30 minutes of questions and answers. So fuck it. I eyeballed with a Unibit and it turned out just fine.

Fuck itttt

retarded monster?



  1. the ramune kit kats are delicious too

    how was the shoot?

  2. what the you found my pictures i'm guessing i forgot to delete them off your desktop -___- YOU BETTER NOT FUCKING EAT THAT KITKAT WITHOUT ME OR I'LL BE SOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY. A world of pain henry, a world of pain.

  3. OMG, What's with the front fender??!?!? Where that dent came from?! I won't sleep now - my favourite S12's been hit... :(((

  4. lookin' good man!

  5. lol don't worry man! there's no dents, just the reflections maybe?

  6. Nice mod! BTW I love the style of the heartbreaker sticker on the back of your seat