Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Annnd we're back.

So cal was so fun! and incredibly sunny of course, THE WEATHER WILL BE MISSED. Though it was a rushed trip totaling four days, I was able to visit all my family and had a bit of fun, experienced some experiences, and learned a thing or two that will stay with me perhaps forever. (horrible, horrible things)

I stayed at my aunts house which is well, quite nice. Balcony view

Got a few toys for the occasion

Shit. I wanted Setsuna.

Start with Sonic, end with Sonic!


Yeah, the trip back wasn't anywhere near as interesting though I suppose that was to be expected.

and here's all the bloopers

"is it supposed to beep?"

"right when it stops flashing!"


  1. Holy shit dude your aunt's house is fucking beautiful is that the beach I see!! =O

    Anywho. What do you mean "THINGS THAT WILL STAY WITH ME FOREVER" jeez you're such a corndog. (:

    Oh and in one of the pictures with you and Jackie jumping up and down, there's some dude in the background jumping also. wahahhaa I thought that was funny. <3