Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The s12 gets attention too!

Holy toledo!

Working flawlessly! Strolled alllll around and decided to put the back seats back in with some cheapie carpet, Frayyysh.


  1. O SHIT SICK HACHI ROKU! ER NO WAIT, IS THAT AN OLD SUPRA??...hahhaha jk. lookin good tho man

  2. Whoa S12 looks nice man!
    Really good wheel fit, I am happy that you finally got that guy back on the road and are having fun with it!

    Pix are excellent too BTW

  3. loving the s12 bro. my inspiration for keeping mine.

  4. Hey i'm loving the s12...I sent you a pm over at club-s12.org i have questions about the suspension you are running