Friday, March 27, 2009


Fiinnnnaaaally, my room mate and I took out the ruckus and went deeper into the city with it today. The weather was just too nice (for Daly city/SF) at a breezy high 60's and all sun. We went to FatLace to hang out, and this place we found on yelp called Moishe's Pippic for some legit Chicago hot dogs.

Walk around

The dogs were so good we each had two

See that relish? ITS SO GREEEN!

The Z is getting a lot of work done too. Been banging out that fender for it to resemble what it once was, sanding off the poor rust-covering job, and primer/painting a bunch of stuff. Oh, the airdam went in too. Nothing too serious though, I want it to at least look like a normal CAR until the z gets broken down this summer for some serious rust battle, metal replacement, much reinforcement, and probably a bunch of neat parts! Woo yeah!

Remember those?

Here's some recent jazz


  1. Henry boy...teach me something..

    What exactly does Flash exp do on my camera? You can set it from -2 to +2 just like a regular exposure, but im not sure how to work it in my advantage..What kind of stuff can I do with it?

  2. Its called Flash exp comp

  3. Man a ruckus in japan would be hella nice for me..

    But yea man I am over here getting ready to teach english in elementary schools. Haha yea heartbreaker in japan woulda been cool.

    What about Yuta, you think hes coming anytime? Chiba isn't to far from where I am, thats where he lives if I remember correctly..