Friday, March 13, 2009


Woo! It took like 3 days to arrive, not bad MSA, not bad. Bunch of little tid bits, airdam and bre spoiler. Time to make it presentable until the summer-break-down.

Here's a little run down:

73' 240z
63k original miles
salvaged from pass-rear incident, bent arm replaced
original silver paint
immaaaaculate interior-uncracked dash!
lots of surface rust, SF car that's been outside
needs new driver-fender
engine runs and shifts nice

sanded down rust from the datsun 240z emblem location on hatch

Pics from campus WALK OUT

1 comment:

  1. Nice score on the S30 man! I didn't think you were going to snatch one so soon. Seems to be in excellent shape--have fun + MOAR pix!

    ...I wish I was at that campus rally thing just so I could have had sign that just said "FUCK" on it ha ha.