Monday, November 30, 2009


I will.


  1. you got this.

    one that i know about henry is that he is honest as fuck.

    also that its not how you stand next to your car is how you race your car, you better learn that.

  2. One thing I know about Henry is that he is gay as fuck.
    You stand next to your car stupid and you race your car like shit.
    You need to do your homework and get a job and stop being a mean dickhole boyfriend.
    Otherwise, I LOVE YOU. Thanks for taking me out on a "date" with a mercedes that isn't yours. (:

  3. its a fast and the furious quote BRO.

    dude, thats hella not fair. HEY GABE what if i want to take Mimi on a date with the benzo?

    trade the Z for the benz for a day?

  4. That first one was like someone was reading my mind.
    So So So True. Gosh Darn.