Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hellaflush was a pretty interesting event, had a lot of fun hanging out and we were lucky enough to not have any breakdowns or unwanted attention. ODDLY ENOUGH, I didn't take any photos. I did bring my camera but I just didn't bother. Weird? Probably. But regardless of that, there should already be enough coverage. As more photos of the heartbreaker kids are unveiled, I'll post them up.

We had some new chrome vinyls made for this event. THANK YOU FERNANDO! New heartbreaker, the third version of our vinyl, and some hellagay!, haha.

Took some frontals after the clay, here's the rears.

Click the pic for 800x version

The car looks so cool from the back, its unfortunate how lame s12's in general look from the front.

this last photo may look a little odd, theres no reflections since I was using a polarizing filter. You can see the vinyl well though


  1. dude i know what you mean, i brought my cam but i took no more than 20 pictures. all u guys cars look so sick! love ur car and ur buddies 610 wagon! good seeing u guys.

  2. Looks great, love the XR-4's on there.