Monday, October 5, 2009


What a crazy weekend, we all met and left at 2:30am, got there a couple minutes before they closed the gates at 8:58, and tried very hard to enjoy the show with no sleep, food, or drinks. We all looked like shit, the entire weekend, but we were super glad to be there. Especially Yuta and I, finally having reason to get out with our cars. A lot of cool stuff went down and I'll be continually updating as the events unfold. KEEP UP! Yuta, Rich, and I also got into speedhunters thus far!

MET: Linhbergh Nguyen, Antonio Alvendia, Chihiro Yoshimura, Dan and Ben from JNC, probably more? THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GUYS, cool seeing yous

Speed Hunters 1

Speed Hunters 2

Japanese Nostalgic Car

quick snaps from me, laziness is becoming more problematic it seems, haha


  1. 2010... west coast comes to midwest. Hurry the fuck up!

  2. Yea man, you dudes should all roll with to Chicago!

    - Daren

  3. Funny, i saw a pic of Yuta's car on facebook before i seen it at the show. i forget we know some of the same ppl. He is deff giving you a run Henry. both of your guys cars are sweet.