Saturday, October 17, 2009

california spec exhaust

I went to a race shop called Magnum Force today in San Jose to get some piping for the new exhaust I'm building, check the store hours and the they close at 6pm. I got there at 5:30 and apparently the sales rep LEAVES at 5, so I couldn't buy anything at a shop that was still open. Ridiculous. They aren't open weekends either, so I hope I can find a legit place that will sell piping on Saturdays.

Anyway, I'm looking to build a quieter, probably more useful exhaust, california spec. Currently it's just too loud and leaking too much from scraping the ground. The header's collector is 3in, and it's pretty much a straight 3in all the way out out to a resonator and muffler, which seem to do little to nothing.

So the plans are to reduce from the header to 2.5in, straight 2.5 to TWO magnaflow xl 3 mufflers. In theory it should be quiet right? Better be! I wanna drive the s12 more often without much worry. Though I'll be keeping the blast pipes, I hope that doesn't attract too much attention, haha.