Friday, May 20, 2011

San Francisco

You know, I've been in this city for over four years. And over the course of my time here, I've been taking this city for granted more and more. I haven't taken too many photos of this place and I figure it's about time. I've a couple of photo projects lined up for this summer and knowing me, I hope I actually do them. Hah. But on the side I think this would be a fun way to record my daily travels throughout San Francisco. So I'll be taking at least one photo of the city during my days here.

I'm almost done with this school semester so I won't be in the city every day. I'll be at the parent's pretending to work on my bike, of course, but this should be the start of it for as long as I'm in SF. I don't carry my slr everywhere I go, so I'll be taking the large majority of these on my droid's toy cam.

Here goes


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