Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JCCS 2010

Man, it was so incredibly tiring. For simplicity sake...Friday night, I watched Bio-dome(1996) with Matt9000 and got 2 hours of sleep before we left for socal. Just hung out and shot the shit with a bunch of cool kids on Saturday, ended the night drinking a sidewalk slammer (40oz, drink half the beer, pour your choice of 4loko in and mix, finish 4 loko) and spent a few hours in a hot tub only to sleep for 1 hour before going to JCCS on Sunday.

Then, spent all day in the sun and got a GNARLY neck and farmers tan. Slightly sun burned, but I had a really cool time meeting and hanging out with everyone! Went for some crazy Orange Juice with Antonio afterward, korean BBQ, and then drove all the way back home on an hour of sleep and 5 hr energy. 3 hours of sleep the whole weekend and got home at 6am on Monday.

Oh, youth.

More pictures whenever



    Ohh & just like Billy Idol: I want more,more, more..haha

  2. Wait, you changed your rear wheels at the event? Any particular reason why?

  3. Yeah, I changed them when I got to a friend's house, the tires on the mk3's are bald and my registration stickers are past due so I didn't want two more super noticeable things while on the 6hr drive to JCCS. Tires on the streets were also brand new.

  4. Ah ok, no sense in attracting unwanted attention. ;)